The 19th of June has been set aside to honour 1 famous feline – Garfield. Our favourite ginger kitty, known for his fanatic eating, love for lasagne and hate for Mondays, first appeared in Jim Davis’s cartoon strip on this day in 1978.  

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In celebration of this day we set out to test some Lasagne recipes, feline & human, in the ePETstore kitchen. Read on for the recipes and our verdicts.

Lasagne Recipe for Cats - Feast for a Famous Feline

Endorsement from our vet Dr T.
“I gave this to my own cats and they absolutely loved it! As long as your cat doesn’t suffer from food allergies, intolerance to dairy products, heart or kidney problems, this low calorie, low sodium lasagne is a tasty treat alternative, once in a while, and I’m sure Garfield would also approve.”


Serves 6

Cooking time 45 minutes

Size of our dish was 16 cm (l) x 11 cm (w) x 5 cm (d)

2 tins of tuna in brine

1 tub of fat free smooth cottage cheese

2 large Zucchini/Courgette

1 egg

½ a cup of grated Mozzarella cheese

Unsalted butter for greasing dish


  • Preheat oven to 180 °C
  • Thinly slice the zucchini into ‘sheets’ resembling that of pasta. Remove all the seeds.
  • Boil the sheets in water until soft and tender. (put a time frame in when you’ve cooked it) Drain and set aside
  • In a bowl mix the egg, cottage cheese, tuna and grated mozzarella (leave enough mozzarella to sprinkle on the top for baking)
  • Grease your dish with unsalted butter
  • Line your baking dish with a layer of the cheesy, tuna mixture
  • Place a layer of softened zucchini strips on top
  • Repeat this for 3 layers (or as many as you desire)
  • Sprinkle the remaining grated cheese over the top
  • Leave uncovered and bake for 45 minutes

“Marmalade was being a typical Garfield, once he got stuck into his lasagne there was no stopping him. He thoroughly enjoyed the combination of tuna and baby marrow.” Marmalade’s Mum, Vicki

Human Lasagne Recipe that’ll Rock every Lasagne Lovers World

So, now that our favourite felines are sorted, and our taste buds have been tantalised with all this lasagne talk, I think us fur parents deserve a little treat too.

We cooked up a storm in the ePET kitchen, leaving all our awesome staff with full bellies and wide smiles.

We used a scrumptious, indulgent recipe, courtesy of Yuppiechef.

Want to try out your hand at Yuppiechef’s Lasagne that’ll knock your socks off? Click Here for the recipe.

Happy cooking!!

Team ePET Verdict

“Yum! Great flavour & perfect for winter.” Sarah – Director 

“Very yummy, I would only add a little more salt.” Yolanda - Customer care

“I really enjoyed the lasagne. It was very tasty and wholesome. Perfect for a cold winters day.: Sam - Warehouse Supervisor

“The lasagne was yummy, adding the bacon bits made it delicious. Will definitely have it again.” Etienne – Logistics 

“Extensive and thorough recipe makes for one the tastiest lasagnes I have ever had. Garfield would be happy!” Gina – Social Media 

“The recipe was great. Easy to follow and with a delicious result. Making the lasagna in the quantity we did had its own challenges that was enjoyable to tackle.” Matt – Developer & Chef of the day

“Baai lekker!” Stienie – Procurement 

“Lived up to the hype.” Darren – Developer

“Really did knock my socks off!” Emma –  Content Manager

“Thanks Yuppiechef, awesome recipe!” – Team ePET


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