Scratch and Lounge Cat Scratcher

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Every cat parents knows - scratching is inevitable. Decorate your home and your cat’s life with the beautiful, beneficial, durable and environmentally friendly Cat Scratch and Lounge from Pawz to Clawz. 

This cat scratcher gives your cat an acceptable place to fulfill their scratching needs, protects your furniture and is a place for the purr-fect catnap. Encouraging exercise, relieving stress, and being mentally and physically stimulated, with free catnip included – your cat will be entertained for days.

  • Gives your cat an acceptable place to scratch
  • Purr-fect spot for a catnap
  • Provides exercise, relieves stress and keeps your cat mentally and physically stimulated
  • Free catnip included to keep your cat entertained for days
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable
  • Made from durable corrugated cardboard
  • Decorative sides to brighten up any home

37 x 24 x 8.4cm


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