Massage Grooming Brush for Dogs & Cats

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Remove shedding hair, smooth out coats AND massage your pet with the Massage Pet Brush (guess it was all in the name).

It’s great for pets with shedding, loose and rebellious hair, ideal for short coats or medium coats and effectively removes loose fur, smoothes out their coats, removes a tiny knot and tangle here and there, massages your pets, relaxes your beloved furry companion and stimulates natural oils in your pet’s coat’s (thanks to this majestic brush’s long rubber teeth) for the ultimate healthy coat.

Go ahead and decrease the tension during a grooming session with this sensational pet grooming brush.

  • Ideal for short/medium coats and shedding pet hair
  • Relaxes your pet and stimulates the coat’s natural oils due to the brush’s long rubber teeth
  • Encourages healthy skin and enhances circulation
  • Removes loose fur
  • Massages your pet

Medium brush head = 10.5cm x 6.5 cm
Large brush head = 11.5 x 9 cm

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