McMac Range Available Online

Sprinkle a little catnip on your kitty's favourite toy or cat scratcher. There is nothing ..
R38.26 Ex Tax: R33.27
Dimensions: 390 x 550 x 270MM Closed cat toilet for the cat that prefers a littler p..
R353.07 Ex Tax: R307.02
The LARGE Arist-O-Tray RIMMED cat litter tray is awesome! Available in four funky colours,..
R201.76 Ex Tax: R175.44
The MEDIUM Arist-O-Tray RIMMED cat litter tray is funky, bright and just awesome! Availabl..
R131.13 Ex Tax: R114.03
The LARGE Arist-O-Tray OPEN cat litter tray is made from top-notch plastic, with a shiny g..
R131.13 Ex Tax: R114.03
Let your cat answer the call of the nature in the MEDIUM Arist-O-Tray OPEN cat litter tray..
R70.60 Ex Tax: R61.39
Let your cat answer the call of the nature in the Aristo-O-Tray OPEN cat litter box. Made ..
R131.13 Ex Tax: R114.03
These cat litter scoops boast a shiny gloss finish, are made from easy to clean plastic. M..
R22.70 Ex Tax: R19.74
Transporter for cats and small dogs weighing up to 8 kgs. Seat belt secure. Dimensions:..
R554.83 Ex Tax: R482.46
Anti-Ant feature Suitable for food & water Made from durable stainless steel ..
R55.49 Ex Tax: R48.25
Suitable for food & water Made from durable stainless steelEasy to clean with non slip rub..
R20.17 Ex Tax: R17.54
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