Moon of Jupiter Cat Scratcher

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For the active kitty, keeping them occupied all day long. Multiple suspended pom-pom toys make for interesting ‘stalk-and-attack’ games, providing amusement for cats and owners alike. The durable scratching posts let kitty sharpen its claws without giving couches a feline makeover. Vertical perches, at different heights, inspires jumping and climbing and the cosy top perch with back rest, is great for napping or surveying surrounding territory.

Made from durable sisal rope and plush material help encourage positive scratching behaviour and protects furniture

Covered by a 1 year warranty.

The Moon of Jupiter Cat Scratcher is delivered flat packed and is very easy to assemble with step by step instructions included.

Size: 39 x 39 x 95 cm

Cleaning instructions: Spot clean, do not submerge in water. 

Upkeep: Hand tighten screws every 3-6 months, over-tightening could cause damage to other components.

Caution: For animal use only. Never climb or tilt cat trees as this could result to damage or injury to people and pets. Observe your pet's behaviour with this product for suitability.


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