Welcoming a new little bundle of fluff into your home? Then look no further than our list of essentials to make your new kitten feel right at home, in their new forever home.

Remember this is a big adjustment that your kitten will need to make, so why not provide the best in kitten friendly products to make this transition care free and full of purrs! 

We have divided our kitten shopping list into must haves and nice to haves, that we hope will help her settle in while keeping the endless amounts of energy and curiosity in check.


  • Tasty and nutritious KITTEN FOOD up until 12 months of age. A high quality kitten food will help your kitten develop the best way possible and grow up into a strong, healthy adult cat.
  • Kitty needs his or her very own bowl and luckily the ROGZ BOWLS come to the rescue in this department. The stylish and practical Anchovy or Fishcake ranges of bowls are specially designed to not interfere with kitty’s whiskers. We just love these! 
  • KITTEN LITTER  and a litter tray will be an essential. As your kitten will be too young to have access outside nor have all of the skills to deal with the outside world just yet, an indoor toilet it is. 

    Litter can be a personal choice but we really love the SOYA CLUMP LITTER for its great texture and easy to clean clumping action plus its biodegradable. 

    As for a LITTER TRAY, these are pretty standard, but something with high edges will save you from cleaning up stray litter that has been evacuated during the toilet ritual.
  • Vet visits and car trips will happen and unlike dogs that enjoy the ride, cats need a space place to hide, feel safe and be unable to escape. The ROAD RUNNER CAT TRANSPORTER will make any travel with your kitty stress free.
  • Be safe, not sorry. Cats are curious by nature and therefore we need to be able to find them should they wander a bit further than usual. A cat wearing a COLLAR and ID TAG is also easier to identify as a pet rather than a possible new stray in the area. The sooner you get your kitten used to a collar and tag, the better. Rogz has a super range of breakaway collars and we offer free engraving on any of our ID tags.
  • Toys, toys and more toys! Kittens are playful so be prepared with a variety of toys to offer to bring out the hunter in them. We especially love this GO BUGGY CATNIP TOY and have first-hand experience at the amount of fun it offers!
  • Kitty’s got claws and it is only natural for them to need to sharpen them. Your couch may become the desired object to do this so to avoid any accidents investing in a cat scratcher or two could save you a lot of trouble from an early age.

    Your kitten will look for somewhere to scratch and sharpen claws as this is part of a cat’s natural behaviour, so best be prepared with this awesome EASY LIFE HAMMOCK CAT SCRATCHER that doubles up as a scratcher and a little bed to take a nap in. 



  • Treats are the way to your kitten’s heart. The ever popular HEALTHY CENTRES SALMON/CHICKEN treats will get that engine purring. Suitable for kittens over 8 weeks of age as a compliment to their kitten food. 
  • It is a known fact that cats don’t enjoy drinking water out of the bowl that’s meant for them and that a puddle, the tap or glass of water next to your bed is much more exciting. The CATIT FLOWER FOUNTAIN’s sound and motion of running water encourages cats to drink, with 3 water flow settings - gentle, bubbling and calm streams - the Catit Flower Fountain will appeal to the pickiest of connoisseurs. 
  • Cat poop doesn’t exactly smell like roses and while you are still teaching your kitten about the great outdoors a litter box will be essential. That’s where the LITTER ODOUR ELIMINATOR SPRAY will come in handy.  
  • Your new kitten will enjoy sleeping with you for warmth and comfort but it is important for him or her to have their own space. For the highest of cat connoisseurs our range of CAT FURNITURE is the way to go. Sleek, neutral coloured cat scratchers and furniture will look great in any home and keep any kitty happy.
  • The CATIT SENSES SUPER PLAYSTATION is just that – super! Made to stimulate your cat's sense of sight, sound and touch, the Senses Circuit can be built and rebuilt into different shapes around the house offering hours of fun and stimulation for your kitten.
  • For the more posh kitty, the SCOOP FREE SELF-CLEANING TRAY is the best you can get! Your cat will always have a clean, fresh-smelling litter box, and you’ll enjoy a home that’s effortlessly odour-free with no dirty work involved. 


Any kitten deserves to be spoilt, they creep into your heart and you just cannot help yourself! Enjoy this very special time with the new addition to your family, at times a terrorist but mostly a big ball of loves and laughs. 

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Gina Trotter
For the past 9 years Gina has worked in the pet industry and wouldn’t have it any other way. Member of the Eukanuba, Iams and marketing team with a keen interest in cats and their behaviour. Owned by 4 rescue cats – it would be more if she had her way! Seasoned traveller with a love of cooking, wine and Instagram.
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