Order Supplies Now & Set up Recurring Order

Step 1

Relax, browse, shop and checkout normally. A majestic pop-up will appear.

Step 2

If you’re interested in receiving those items on a recurring basis – click on NEW RECURRING ORDERS. Select how often you’d like to get this order from the drop down. The countdown will start AFTER the date you initially set to receive your first reminder email.
You can change the date and frequency anytime you want.

Step 3

Your pop-up will now say “your product has been added onto your list”. Click on VIEW YOUR LISTS at the bottom of the page if you want to edit your lists i.e. change the name, reminder dates, delivery dates or add more/remove items.
To change the name of your list, simply click on the default name to edit.

Step 4

You can build multiple lists e.g. a 4 weekly list for your dog food and a 12 weekly list for your Bravecto Tick & Flea treatments. If one list is all you need though, simply edit the details in the GREEN BLOCK to suit your schedule.

Step 5

Select the DATE you would like to receive your email reminder. We’d never want to send you a mail on a Sunday morning if you were planning on sleeping in!

Step 6

You can always add OR remove products from your recurring lists.
TO REMOVE – simply go to your PROFILE, select RECURRING LIST, and remove your item.
TO ADD – shop as you normally do. On the product page ADD TO RECURRING LIST.

Step 7

Finally, when you’re happy with your list’s name, date and activation status, simply hit SAVE. Rest assured your house will never be without your most vital pet products again

You’ll still be in control of payment. We won’t automatically charge your credit card.

Going on holiday and won’t be needing supplies? Simply hit the SKIP NEXT ORDER button (next to the reminder date) to automatically reschedule your order to the next interval OR click the DISABLE button (right-hand side) to pause your orders. Don’t forget to ENABLE your list once you’ve returned.