Earth Rated Outdoor Poop Scoop

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Pick up dog poop like a legend, without harming the environment, your manicured lawn, ego and back.

Yes, the Outdoor Poop Scoop is bag-free, so you can enjoy a clean lawn and a clean conscience,  effortlessly ONLY scoops poop and not bits of grass, requires zero bending, is lightweight, boasts an aluminum frame – so it’s durable, but also looks uber cool too.

What’s more – its handle features a unique locking mechanism to keep the scoop open for easy and thorough washing, making picking-up after your best friend even easier!

  • Bag-free poop scoop, making it ready-to-use when you need to use it, and better choice for the environment
  • It’s durable and boasts an aluminium frame, but is lightweight too 
  • Handle is designed with a unique locking mechanism for easy and thorough cleaning
  • Perfectly sized to reach the ground with ease, thus no bending required
  • Protects your grass as you scoop the nasties
  • Made in Canada

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