Snuggle Safe Pet Cooling Pad

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Cool them off during warmer months, with the Snuggle Safe Pet Cooling Pad. It instantly reduces your pet’s body temperature and heat discomfort as they lie on it. It’s brilliant for dogs, cats, rabbits, inside, outside and trips in the car. This Cooling Pad will be a refreshing addition to your pets lives this summer.

With NO freezing, electricity, or wires required - this effortless pet pad is a must have in our sizzling South African summers!

  • Automatically cools when your pet lies on it, instantly reduces body temperature
  • No freezing required - no electricity - no wires - no effort 
  • Made from non-toxic materials
  • Perfect for dogs, cats and rabbits to enjoy
  • Use inside, outside and also ideal for travelling in the car

40 x 50 cm

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