Pet Droid Activity Mouse

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This innovative cat toy brilliantly resembles the real deal - a moving mouse. With a sound clip imitating realistic mouse sounds and unpredictable movements in different directions - this is the Micky Mouse of the cat toy world. The GiGwi Pet Droid Activity Mouse is also motion activated and stops after your cat’s second touch. 

If your cat never ventures outside your home - bring the outdoors inside. This cat toy is a great way to replicate the wild for your indoor cat and to keep them physically active and mentally stimulated.

This mouse cat toy doesn’t like 4x4 routes over carpets and uneven tiles - place on a flat surface for a successful day of entertainment.

  • Soft, mouse-like furry exterior
  • Promotes an active and healthy lifestyle for all cats (indoor and outdoor)
  • Keeps your cat physically healthy and mentally stimulated
  • Encourages playful behaviour with unpredictable movements in different directions
  • Imitates realistic mouse sounds with added sound clip

9cm x 4cm  

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