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Pet Dent Denta Bio Dental Supplement for Dog & Cats

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Smiles are everything, make sure your pet has a sparkling one with Pet Dent DentaBio Dental Supplement (chicken flavour). This probiotic dental supplement improves oral malodour, gingivitis, dental plaque, supports overall oral health and is also a comprehensive nutritional supplement for the treatment of periodontal disease.

Phew! Such big words, bottom line this product keeps bad breath at bay (finally), helps suppress the growth of harmful periodontal disease-causing bacteria (nasty), assists  in the prevention of gingivitis (thank goodness) and controls dental plaque formation for shiny, glossy and healthy teeth (yippee).

This is a great product if your pet refuses to tolerate any form of dental care OR you simply cannot find the time to brush those fangs.

  • Ideal fordogs and cats that don’t tolerate any form of dental care / pet-parents with busy lifestyle
  • Chicken flavour (yum!)
  • Contains beneficial oral probiotic strains to help:
  • Suppress the growth of harmful periodontal disease-causing bacteria
  • Prevent Gingivitis
  • Control dental plaque formation
  • Supports overall oral health
  • For best dental results, use PetDent DentaBio with PetDent Toothpaste/PetDent Oral Gel
  • 30 Tablets in a single box


Streptococcus Salivarius K12 -
Reduces halitosis (bad breath) through its inhibitory effect on the bacteria present in the mouth. It improves some of the clinical signs related to periodontal disease.

Lactoferrin - 
Lactoferrin has an inhibitory effect on growth of the bacteria responsible for periodontal disease, and also has an anti-biofilm effect.


 Cat  1 tablet
 Dog < 5kg  1 tablet
 Dog 5 – 15 kg  2 tablets
 Dog > 15 kg  3 tablets



Streptococcus Salivarius K12, Lactoferrin, F-Melt I (Disintegrant agent), Yeast Extract, Isomaltooigosaccharide, Calcium Stearate, Calcium Carboxymethyl cellulose, Silicon Dioxide, Chicken Flavourant


Crude Protein 11.73%, Crude Fat 1.00%, Crude Fibre 5.94%. Crude ASh 4.28%, Phosphorus 349 mg, Calcium 667 mg, Potassium 275 mg, Lactoferrin 5 mg, Streptococcus K12 10 mg/170 mg, Chicken Flavour 25.5 mg


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