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The Microchip Cat Flap makes microchipping your pet all the more worth it. Designed to guard your home from unwanted neighbourhood felines, strays, wild animals, pests and The Borrowers with its RFID technology. 
This cat door scans your cat’s unique microchip, therefore no need for collars, accessory’s, kitty ID books or fake ID’s. When your cat effortlessly strolls towards the cat flap, it’ll open (and deny access to beings whose chips aren’t identified).
Designed with a super convenient 4-way lock (manual) that gives you even more control as a cat-parent. Who doesn’t want to rich with power?

Speaking of power, this door is conveniently powered by electricity with a convenient battery back up for those dreaded loadshedding sessions.
The Petporte Microchip Cat Flap reads the most common type of cat microchip – FDX-B (15-digit)
NOT SURE what type of microchip your cat has? Try our microchip compatibility checker, enter your cat’s microchip ID and be enlightened.


Follow link below to make sure your pet’s microship is compatible with this door

  • For cats up to 8 kg
  • Rigid, transparent plastic flap (with durable plastic frame)
  • Easy peasy to program and use
  • Can save up to 40 microchip identities
  • Reinforced, dual auto-latch with 4-way manual lock
  • Denies access to unwanted cats and other small animals
  • Draught excluder for additional energy efficiency
  • Indicated when battery is LOW
  • Fits wood, PVC, uPVC and metal doors
  • Fits brick walls and glass windows and doors (additional accessories may be required for metal or metal core doors)
  • Uses 4 x AA batteries (not included) - battery usually lasts 1 year

PLEASE NOTE – when in battery mode the flap has limited functionality. For more info please read the FAQs 






CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO CHECK MICROCHIP COMPATABILITY (and other useful information relating to this product):

  • Interior Frame
  • Exterior Frame
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Cutting Template
  • Screw Plugs
  • Hardware - Screws

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