Catnip Chew Ring Toys for Cats

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The donut-shaped Catnip Chew Ring cat toy cleans your cat’s teeth with every bite and exercises their jaw muscles with every chew.

This colourful cat toy is the perfect shape for your cat to bat, swat, throw and carry around the house. With infused catnip to keep your cat focussed and entertained for hours, the Catnip Chew Ring is literally a breath of fresh air to your fabulous feline’s cat toy collection.

  • Benefits your cat’s dental, mental & physical health
  • Catnip infused to keep your cat focused, entertained & encourages chewing
  • Crunchy exterior cleans cat’s teeth with every bite
  • Donut-shaped cat toy exercises jaw muscles with every chew
  • Frilly material on the sides prickling your inquisitive cat’s curiosity
  • Relieves boredom & delight for your phenomenal feline to bat around the house
  • Colourful exterior to brighten up any floor of any home
  • Toy is 15cm

Enjoy this home video of a cat playing with the Petstages Catnip Chew TRIANGLE Cat Toy very similar to the Chew Ring.

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