Physiological Ear Cleaner for Dogs and Cats

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Bottle contains 100ml.

Provide your pets with clean ears, all the better to hear you with! Introducing the Physiological Ear Cleaner for dogs and cats. It’s ideal for routine ear-cleaning, very effective in removing ear wax (cerumen), and will leave your pet’s ears clean and odour free. 

What’s more - the soft tip makes it comfortable and safe for your pet and the special bottle shape very easy for you to hold & effectively squirt into each ear. Safe to use once or twice weekly. 

  • Suitable for dogs & cats
  • Soft tip - comfortable and safe for your pet
  • Special bottle shape is very easy to hold and squirt


Does your pet swim often? If a small amount of water stays in the ear it can predispose them to developing an ear infection. After swimming, dry your dog’s ears well with a towel or even gently blow dry them on a cool setting. Then, use an ear wash regularly, once or twice a week, to keep the ears clean.

Directions for use

  1. Remove the cap
  2. Place the soft tip in to your dog’s or cat’s ear canal
  3. Depress the pump for one complete pump
  4. Then massage the base of the ear
  5. Moisten a cotton wool ball with some of the ear cleaner then gently wipe the inside of your pet’s ear
  6. repreat the process in the other ear
  7. Use once or twice weekly for clean & odour free ears
  8. Please follow your veterinarian’s guidelines for usage

Micelle-rich, isotonic non-foaming formulation containing a patented aldehyde complex durable anti-odour agent, at physiological pH, designed to provide optimal tolerance in the ears of dogs and cats.

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