If you love something electronic, hands-off, funky or modern - have a look at ePETstore’s innovative range of pet gadgets for the 21st century pet parent to own. These products are cool, colourful and beyond awesome – so go ahead and spoil yourselves – if not why not right?



Now how cool is this cat tracker?! Attach this incredibly lightweight ALLEY CAT GPS TRACKER to your cat’s collar and never be left wondering about their wandering again. You can view their travel activity, routes and clear points of last seen location on your phone via this trendy product’s mobile app. It’s also water-resistant with UNLIMITED range – meaning if your cat takes a train to China at midnight – you’ll still be able to track them. 




This is a great gadget to own when going on roadtrips, beach trips, park trips or any trip really. The BEVIQUI TRAVEL DOG DRINKING BOWL is also lightweight, practical, hygienic, portable and provides fresh water for your pooch on the go. It fits most water bottles and all this gadget requires from you, is to plug it in to the neck of your bottle, open, squeeze and voilà.



SUREFLAP MICROCHIP CAT / SMALL DOG DOOR: Suitable for cats & small dogs with microchips/RFID tags, this futuristic pet door prevents dodgy characters entering your home, thus eliminating pet havoc, anxiety and stress. Installed with a curfew mode and fitter with manual locks, you can set the door to lock and unlock at specific times and is especially grand to keep your pet safe indoors during fireworks, building, other potentially stressful situations or simply when they abuse their newly found freedom.


SUREFLAP MICROCHIP CAT FLAP: Suitable for cats with microchips/RFID tags – this cat flap curbs the enthusiasm of unwanted neighbourhood felines entering your home, eating your cat’s food and/or perhaps stealing your cold hard cash (you know – cat burglars and what not). The scanners keep unwanted pets on the side of the door you want them, but fortunetely doesn’t work for unwanted guests or in-laws though. Also fitted with manual locks to keep your cat safe during fireworks and thunderstorms, and overall acts as your cat’s very own house key, without destroying the look and feel of your home.


This state of the art MICROCHIP FEEDER is suitable for pets with microchips/RFID tags and is ideal for pets on weight management and/or other special diets to help ensure the food is consumed by the right pet (and not by the family binge eater). Fitted with a training setting and 3 different lid opening speed settings, boasting glorious global user reviews and a 3 year warranty. Did I even mention this futuristic bowl also keeps savage flies at bay? – well it does –  it’s just that incredible.



This pet feeder is everything - if you’re tired of throwing away expensive pet food that has gone stale, smelling pet food from dusk to dawn, or just exhausted from protecting their food from verocious flies – then the SUREFEED MOTION ACTIVATED FEEDER is truly a great fit for your home. This bowl’s lid automatically opens as your pet approaches (no microchips/ RFID collar tags needed) and closes once they’re done feasting. It keeps pet food fresher for longer, and also boasts 3 different lid opening settings, glorious global user reviews and a 2 year warranty.



ePETstore’s range of PET DRINKING FOUNTAINS is a fashionable way to keep water clean, fresh and flowing all day long. It keeps your dog, cat and their potential imaginary pet friends hydrated and helps reduce the risk of kidney problems and urinary tract infections. These fabulous fountains are great for water scarce areas, since they are NOT connected to a tap, and simply keeps water that has been already added drinkable, sanitary and crisp. 



Now we’re talking – this incredible invention allows cats to take grooming into their own paws! No jokes and absolutely true! It’s easy to mount, remove, clean and as we’re all well aware - cats just LOVE rubbing up against things. If your cat is shy at first to tackle their newly found grooming independence, simply slip some catnip in the designated catnip compartment for that little extra encouragement. The CATIT SELF-GROOMER helps to minimize fluff on your couch, carpet, clothes and face. Now if you ask me – this is a must have!



This product might not look as galmourous as the ones mentioned above, but it’s been known to be pretty awesome. It helps cool pets off instantly as they lie on it and is absolutely brilliant during those sizzling South African summer months. With NO freezing, electricity or wires required – the PET COOLING PAD is suitable for dogs, cats and rabbits to use inside or outside. 




Providing hours of entertaining fun and burning up kitty's excess energy, this cat toy’s laser patterns are ever changing, making your fabulous feline have a blast and a hoot of a time.


I can’t even deal with how hip and happening this ball of lightning is. The flickering bright orange light comes on when your cat bats, rolls or attacks the ball - how fun is this right?! It’s easy to spot and fits perfectly in the CATIT SENSES CIRCUIT if you’d like to take playtime to the next level. With replaceable batteries, you can rest assured the magic will never ever e-furrr (I had to) stop. 


Resembling the real deal that indoor cats so wish to have, this moving mouse is fitted with a sound clip imitating realistic mouse sounds and unpredictable movements. Also motion activated and stops after your cat’s second touch – because we would never want our indoor beauties to believe they don’t possess the skills to hunt and encouragement is everything.





If you’re feeling lucky, so will your dog - put that luck to test with this super exciting dog toy. With each paw press and nose tap, kibbles and treats are released from one of the three jackpot chambers, bringing tasty ‘Dog Vegas’ fun to your home and pup. Let the merrymaking begin! Ka-ching-a-ling-a-ling!


This treat dispensing ball provides rolling, gliding and sliding fun to keep your dog entertained and probably help work off some extra flab in the process. It also stops begging in its tracks, as this toy allows your dog to reward themselves!


Let’s get real, hide and seek is always fun. Your dog can enjoy hours of paw, push and nuzzle actions to get the treat-hiding ball through the release onto the fantastically fast and colourful food-safe track. This allows the treat ball to automatically dispense treats and reward your superior seeker for their exceptional intelligence.


This tongue twister is a ridiculously entertaining balancing game with 3 exhilarating ways for your dog to win delectable treats. With 3 basins, 1 treat-loading compartment and engaging teeter-totter action, your dog will be the definition of happiness. And just look at it –  it’s so colourful, this toy is what every bland kitchen needs.



This ultra-modern SCOOP FREE SELF CLEANING LITTER TRAY is almost as cool as your cat! This self-cleaning litter box doesn’t need to be cleaned manually for weeks at a time. With disposable litter trays, it really does provide hands-off convenience and unbeatable odour control to your life. 


The FINDO SMART QR TAG is a modern and fantastic way to prevent your pet’s identification from getting lost when they are. Simply create a profile for your pet’s tag on with your unique QR code and load all your necessary information, such as name, contact details and vet’s info. With an effortless scan of the QR code using the advanced app on a smartphone, any good samaritan will be able to reunite lost pets with their families – and that my friends is as heartwarming, reassuring and progressive as it comes.

Comine du Toit
Animal lover and cat fanatic, Comine du Toit is a Freelance Copywriter at ePETstore in South Africa. She is a mom to a very energetic Sphynx, and the godmother to a clowder of cats, a kennel of dogs as well as a flock of geese. She's a firm believer that pets are family.
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