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Keep your dog fit, active, happy and healthy with a Puller Ring Fitness Toy.

It’s a terrific tool to provide your dogs with a full body, physical and emotional workout in the form of running, jumping or pulling activities as well as interactive games like tug and fetch.

Of course it also helps strengthen the bond you share and is available in 5 different sizes – meaning the smallest of the small to the largest of the large can partake in some fitness fun!

  • 20 minute training with the PULLER = 5 km running
  • Floats, adding water activities to the fun and fitness list
  • Helps strengthen the bond between dog-parent and dog
  • Provide your dogs with a full body, physical and emotional workout
  • Great for running, jumping and pulling activities as well as interactive games like tug and fetch
  • Lightweight so that even small dogs and puppies can easily carry it in their mouths
  • All sizes come in packs of 2 rings except the maxi which is a single ring
  • Designed by professional dog experts
  • Made from soft and durable material
  • Non-toxic and safe for your dog’s jaw and teeth


PULLER is recommended for training with dogs of any breed, as well as with puppies over 3 months old. 

Jumping exercises are only  recommended for dogs over 1-years-old.

Sold in packs of two rings except MAXI has 1 ring

MICRO 2 x 13 cm

MINI 2 x 18 cm

IDI 2 x 20 cm 

STANDARD 2 x 28 cm

MAXI 1 x 30 cm 


PULLER is NOT a chew toy and should be picked up and packed away when not being used.


MICRO: 2 x 13 cm 

SUITABLE FOR: The smallest breeds and puppies that weigh up to 5kg

EXAMPLES: Chihuahua | Griffon | Pekingese | Toy Terrier


MINI: 2 x 18 cm

SUITABLE FOR: Miniature and small-sized medium dog breeds from 5 to 15 kg / 3-month-old puppies weighing more than 5 kg

EXAMPLES: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel | French Bulldog |Poodle Miniature | Pug | Yorkshire Terrier


MIDI: 2 x 20 cm 

SUITABLE FOR: Medium and large dog breeds from 10 to 30 kg, and as an intermediate size for training the large-breed puppies

EXAMPLES: Australian Shepherd | Beagle | Border Collie | Cocker Spaniel | Dachshund | Fox Terrier | Jack Russell Terrier | Scottish Terrier


STANDARD: 2 x 28 cm

SUITABLE FOR: Large dog breeds from 25 to 50 kg

EXAMPLES: Amstaff | Cane Corso | Dobermann | Giant Schnauzer | Labrador Retriever | Malinois | German shepherd | Pit Bull


MAXI: 1 x 30 cm 

SUITABLE FOR: Large and giant breeds that weigh more than 45 kg

EXAMPLES: Amstaff | Bull Terrier | German shepherd | Great Dane | Mastiff | Newfoundland | Pit Bull

The Puller Fitness Toy for dogs is used as a set of two rings. PLEASE NOTE - the second ring is NOT a spare, because for maximum results, BOTH rings need to be used. 


Remember, with two rings you are able to train your dog impulse control as well as how to successfully fetch and retrieve.

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