Push to Mute Duck Dog Toy

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If your patience is maxed out for the day, but your dog insists on chewing the squeakiest toy in the house - then you need to invest in the Push to Mute Forestails Duck dog toy.

Simply pull the tail firmly to allow for sensational squeaking delight, and push the tail back in (needs a little thumb strength) to mute. 

So basically this toy looks great, is great, durable, strong, safe for chewing, loads of fun and squeaks for your dog to enjoy their afternoons with ... and fitted with that controllable squeak for you to enjoy your afternoons with. 

It’s a win-win.

  • Squeaks to attract your dog’s attention
  • Durable material for the chew enthusiasts
  • Firm rubber body with a soft plush tail and plush wings
  • With a PUSH to MUTE function, otherwise PULL to allow SQUEAKING
  • Made from TPR (thermoplastic rubber) that is incredibly durable and strong
  • Flexible and supple too, making this dog toy long lasting, but safe for your dog to enjoy

18cm X 7cm X 6.5cm 

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