Set up Recurring Order for Future Delivery

Step 1

Log in to ePETstore.
Head on over to the product you’d like, select the size, flavour/variant and quantity. Click ADD TO RECURRING ORDER.

Step 2

Select what weekly interval you’d like to be reminded of your order.
Freedom of choice is everything.

Step 3

Click ADD NEW RECURRING ORDER for the 1st product you’re adding.
Your pop-up will say “Success: The product has been added to your Recurring Order!”
Close the pop-up block to continue.

Step 4

You can build multiple lists e.g. a 4 weekly list for your dog food and a 12 weekly list for your Bravecto Tick & Flea treatments.

Step 5

Go to the next product you’d like to add, select the size, flavour/variant and quantity, and click ADD TO RECURRING ORDER. Then ADD TO CURRENT LIST or ADD TO NEW LIST if needed for a different order interval.
Continue as above until all products are added. Easy peasy.

Step 6

Once you’re done, click VIEW YOUR LISTS to make sure everything is as you would like it and hit SAVE.
You can change the reminder date, order interval and contents of your list at any time.

You’ll still be in control of payment. We won’t automatically charge your credit card.

Going on holiday and won’t be needing supplies? Simply hit the SKIP NEXT ORDER button (next to the reminder date) to automatically reschedule your order to the next interval OR click the DISABLE button (right-hand side) to pause your orders. Don’t forget to ENABLE your list once you’ve returned.