Rogz Indoor Flat Podz Dog Bed - Sand

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Your devoted dog deserves a great night’s rest, so look no further than this proudly South African made, environmentally friendly and uber comfortable Flat Podz dog bed from Rogz.

This indoor mattress flaunts two different textured sides to tackle siestas in two different seasons, namely side 1: plush for insulation in cold weather and side 2: linen for warmer temperatures.

But what’s more, this dog bed is easy to wash, move around the house and love too.

  • Durable
  • Perfect for indoor use
  • Easy carry handle to effortlessly move around the house
  • Covers are removable (easy zip-off) and machine washable at 30°C. 
  • Cushions are hand washable and should always be left to dry on a flat surface
  • Super comfortable and made from high grade, soft linen and plush fabrics
  • Reversible dog bed that flaunts two different textured/material sides – namely side 1: plush for insulation in cold weather and side 2: linen for warmer temperatures
  • Environmentally friendly and boasts 100% recycled, safe and non-toxic plastic bottle filler
  • Designed and manufactured in sunny South Africa


MEDIUM 83cm x 56cm x 8cm
LARGE 107cm x 72cm x 10cm
X-LARGE 129cm x 86cm x 12cm

  • Produced locally in Cape Town, South Africa – the Rogz Flat Podz are filled using 100% safe, recycled plastic bottles known as P.E.T. (Polyethylene Terephthalate).
  • P.E.T. is used to make the most common soft drink bottles and now the super soft filler in our Flat Podz too. 
  • The plastic bottles are cleaned, broken up, recycled, spun into a strong, lightweight fibre and turned into a soft filler for our pet beds! 
  • ALL to help reduce more plastic waste going into oceans and landfills.

The Rogz Flat Podz are locally designed and manufactured by a team of highly skilled and passionate people, who ensure a high standard of safe and functional products made with both love and care. 

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