Rogz Grinz Ball for Dogs - Pink

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Put a smile on her dial - literally, with the Rogz Grinz Balls. Brilliant to bounce, fantastic to fetch and comfortable to carry, these balls can also be stuffed with your dog’s FAVOURITE TREAT for the ultimate undivided doggy attention.

With a Bite-O-Meter reading of 3, the Rogz Grinz Ball is hard enough for a bit of a chew, and soft enough for a puppy to enjoy.

  • Fantastic to Fetch
  • Brilliant to Bounce
  • Comfortable to Carry
  • Hysterical to look at Every Time
  • Fitted with Cavity (to attract your dog’s full attention with their favourite treats inside)
  • Rogz Bite-O-Meter = Level 3 (MEDIUM)
  • Available in Blue too


Small is 4.9 cm

Medium is 6.4 cm 

Large is 7.8 cm


If your dog is chubby or on a Restricted Calorie food, put their kibble into the hole in the toy. High calorie treats can undo all your hard work. Remember to subtract the kibbles from their daily allowance, otherwise you’ll be overfeeding them. While they play and chase the ball around, they’ll also be exercising more, and that will ultimately accelerate their weight loss.

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