Purple Chrome Out & About Combo

Bright colours and extreme attention to detail is just what the extrovert in the family need to express themselves. Spoil your dog with this Rogz Purple Chrome collar and/or harness, lead & ID tag to match. Complete the fields with your dog’s details for complimentary engraving!

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Purple Chrome Harness:
Name Select Quantity Price
(4 in stock) R131.34
(5 in stock) R155.74
(3 in stock) R233.12
(3 in stock) R289.06
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Purple Chrome Collar:
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(3 in stock) R66.07
(4 in stock) R75.79
(4 in stock) R113.08
(4 in stock) R116.06
(8 in stock) R215.86
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Purple Chrome Lead:
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(6 in stock) R97.81
(5 in stock) R116.66
(4 in stock) R141.45
(4 in stock) R167.44
(7 in stock) R143.44
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Purple Chrome ID Tag:
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(0 in stock) R68.64
(4 in stock) R82.13
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