Rogz Purple Lovebirds Cat Collar

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Pretty birds, flowers and hearts, what more could a princess want?

This Rogz Purple Lovebirds collar is fully adjustable with a Safeloc Breakaway Clip, which means if your kitty’s collar gets hooked onto a branch or fence post it will snap open when put under strain for a safe escape. Beautifully made, as we’ve come to expect from Rogz, with no sharp edges or open ends, making it a comfortable and stylish collar.

  • Fully adjustable for neck size of 20 – 31 cm
  • Safeloc Breakaway clip will open of put under too much strain allowing kitty to escape if caught on something
  • Break load of the Safeloc can be adjusted according to your cat’s weight - +3 kg, +4 kg and +5 kg
  • Removable bell if you would prefer peace and quiet
  • Scratch resistant, rolled edges beautifully stitched so no sharp or open ends and durable
  • Suitable for most cat breeds and sizes

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