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Radiant Red Out & About Combo

Rogz Highly Reflective Utility Range is timeless and classic, hardy but cool. 

Kit your pooch out in style with this Rogz reflective matching collar, harness, lead, ID tag & bowl set. 

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Available Options

Red Reflective Collar:
Name Select Quantity Price
(4 in stock) R59.12
(4 in stock) R67.65
(3 in stock) R100.98
(4 in stock) R103.56
(8 in stock) R192.84
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Red Reflective Harness:
Name Select Quantity Price
(5 in stock) R117.25
(3 in stock) R138.87
(4 in stock) R208.31
(4 in stock) R258.11
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Red Reflective Lead:
Name Select Quantity Price
(6 in stock) R87.49
(3 in stock) R104.16
(4 in stock) R126.18
(4 in stock) R149.59
(8 in stock) R128.17
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Red Heart Metal ID Tag:
Name Select Quantity Price
(0 in stock) R68.64
(4 in stock) R82.13
Sub Total:

Red Heart Bowl:
Name Select Quantity Price
(4 in stock) R229.54
(3 in stock) R330.33
(5 in stock) R501.94
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