Rogz Royal Birds Cat Harness & Lead

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Bring out your cat’s inner Indiana Jones, Tarzan or Mowgli with the Rogz Blue Kiddy Cat Harness & Lead. Made with soft, flexible and delightful blue webbing, this cat harness offers comfort, adjustable straps and style.

What’s more - the Rogz cat harness & lead is fitted with a Safeloc Breakaway Clip that breaks open if your cat’s harness gets stuck or snagged.

  • Blue webbing with bird designs
  • Durable + easy to use clip-on & clip-off clips
  • Adjustable straps, for a comfortable fit with no sharp edges + beautifully stitched
  • Safeloc Breakaway Safety Buckle - designed to break open if your cat’s harness gets snagged


 Size Webbing Width Harness (adjustable) Lead Comments
 X Small 8 mm 198 – 300 mm 1.8 m Fits most kittens
 Small 11 mm 240 – 400 mm 1.8 m Fits most adult cats


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