Rogz SilkyCat Cat Collar

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This sensational red SilkyCat cat collar from Rogz is just what any glamourous cat needs. With printed satin ribbon stitched onto the webbing, and fitted with a Safeloc buckle designed to break open if your cat’s collar gets snagged, your cat’s collar is in fashionable and reliable. Fully adjustable and suitable for most cat breeds and sizes.

  • Break Away Safety: Buckle Safeloc buckle is designed to break open if your cat’s collar gets snagged
  • Variable Load Safeloc Buckle: Able to easily adjust the break away load of the buckle. You can increase the buckle’s holding strength, but can still break free if placed under too much strain.

1.1cm wide, suitable for neck size of 20-31cm. 

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