Rogz Snag Safe Dog Collar - Blue

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The Rogz Snag Safe dog collar is great for SAFE two-dog play, when caught on a fence post or other sticky situations.

It helps prevent choking when a game of tug, pull, twist and roll takes a literal turn for the worst, by stretching and increasing the size of the collar for a safer escape.

Easy to fit, effortless to use and great for basic training, basic restraining, walking, running and exploring too. This safety collar is made from high-grade snag proof webbing, boasts reflective stitching and looks fabulous.

  • Quick fit and quick release, thanks to this ingenious buckle with a stretch elastic clip, that easily slips over your dog’s head when getting ready for the park or escaping danger.
  • Magnetic buckle boasts trigger hook clips to secure the collar
  • Great for two-dog play, basic training, basic restraining, walking, running, exploring and escaping
  • Designed to stretch when snagged, thus increasing the size of the collar for an easier release
  • Made from high-grade snag proof webbing
  • Reflective stitching for added visibility
  • BLUE in colour


Medium 16 mm 270 – 390mm (with 10cm stretch) Pug, Scotty, Jack Russell, Maltese Poodle, Terrier
Large 20 mm 330 – 480mm (with 12cm stretch) Dalmatian, Spaniel, Doberman, Boxer
X Large 25 mm 420 – 660mm (with 14cm stretch) Rottweiler, Bouvier, Ridgeback, Labrador



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