Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Range Available Online

Royal Canin Veterinary Diets cater for pets with issues and pets with LOADS of issues including puppies, adult dogs, adult cats, female pets and male pets. From allergies to sensitive tummies, aching joints to aching kidneys, recovery issues to cardiac issues, dental to diabetic, overweight pets to convalescent pets AND MORE. Royal Canin’s Veterinary Diets consist of a delectable dry food range and mouth-watering wet food selection too! Royal Canin pet food is also very well-known for its incredible palatability. Canines and felines simply love to gobble it up, in sickness and in health. Especially because it’s tasty, nutritious and entices picky, difficult and non-interest eaters to eat. So, let your pets enjoy food stacked with vital nutrients to support their overall health, mental and physical well-being, whilst you save time and shop Royal Canin Veterinary Diets online with us. ePETstore delivers right to your door anywhere in South Africa - be it Sandton or Kuruman AND ePETstore is the ONLY online store in SA that can sell prescription diets to soothe your pets in distress with vet recommended and first-class pet cuisine. Just remember to get your script from the vet, submit it to ePETstore via email or MMS so shopping for your very important veterinary diets will be an absolute breeze!

SKIN CARE JUNIOR SMALL DOG is a complete dietetic feed for puppies formulated to support t..
R229.18 Ex Tax: R199.29
SKIN CARE ADULT is a complete dietetic feed for dogs formulated to support the skin functi..
R218.27 Ex Tax: R189.80
SKIN CARE SMALL DOG is a complete dietetic feed for adult small breed dogs formulated to s..
R218.27 Ex Tax: R189.80
SKIN SUPPORT is a complete dietetic feed for dogs intended to support the skin function in..
R292.49 Ex Tax: R254.34
URINARY S/O is a complete dietetic feed for cats. Its urine acidifying properties and its ..
R186.78 Ex Tax: R162.42
URINARY U/C LOW PURINE is a complete dietetic feed for dogs formulated to reduce the forma..
R249.07 Ex Tax: R216.58
Complete feed for adult dogs High protein content to help favour maintenance of lean body ..
R1,090.49 Ex Tax: R948.25
Pouch contains 100gr.   Compete food for Diabetic cats. Diabetic Feline Wet con..
R21.10 Ex Tax: R18.35
Pouch contains 100gr.   Complete dietetic feed for cats. GASTRO-INTESTINAL is a..
R21.40 Ex Tax: R18.61
2 kg Bag This prescription diet is formulated to support cats nutritionally that are su..
R263.90 Ex Tax: R229.48
Royal Canin has reformulated their Mobility Diets and is replacing Canine Mobility and Can..
R243.41 Ex Tax: R211.66
Pouch contains 100gr.   OBESITY MANAGEMENT is a complete dietetic feed for cats..
R20.57 Ex Tax: R17.89
Individual pouches contain 85g RENAL with Chicken is a complete dietetic feed for cats ..
R19.99 Ex Tax: R17.38
Recommended for adult dogs (small breed) suffering from: Obesity (that struggle to l..
R237.76 Ex Tax: R206.75
Can = 195 g Recommended for adult dogs (all breeds) suffering from: Obesity (that..
R20.10 Ex Tax: R17.48
Pouch contains 100gr.   This dietetic feed contains selected sources of protein..
R21.60 Ex Tax: R18.78
URINARY S/O is a complete dietetic feed for dogs formulated to dissolve struvite stones an..
R226.44 Ex Tax: R196.90
Pouch contains 100gr.   URINARY S/O with Chicken is a complete dietetic feed fo..
R21.40 Ex Tax: R18.61
Support your dog’s urinary health, and help prevent the formation of kidney stones w..
R20.94 Ex Tax: R18.21
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