Scoop Free Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Tray

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This innovative Scoop Free Self Cleaning Litter Tray from Petsafe is the ideal choice for the 21st century cat owner! This self-cleaning litter box doesn’t need to be cleaned manually for weeks at a time. It’s the only self-cleaning litter box that uses disposable litter trays to provide hands-off convenience and unbeatable odour control. 

Your cat will always have a clean, fresh-smelling litter box, and you’ll enjoy a home that’s effortlessly odour-free. 

  • Self-cleaning automatic rake cleans entire box 20 minutes after cat uses the box
  • Closed waste compartment for superior odour control
  • Safety sensors automatically reset rake timer if cat re-enters box
  • Disposable litter trays with leak-proof lining for easy cleanup
  • Crystal litter absorbs urine for 5x better odour control than other litter
  • Uses 5-10x less litter than clay and clumping litter
  • Replacement blue crystal litter trays available
  • For cats over 6 months old
  • 2 year warranty

Simply plug in the box and watch it work. The automatic rake system sweeps waste into the covered compartment 20 minutes after your cat uses the litter box. Safety sensors will detect if your cat re-enters the box and the 20-minute timer will reset. The box uses a special crystal litter, packed in a convenient disposable litter tray, that’s 5 times more effective at reducing odour than clay or clumping litters. 

For best results, replace the litter tray every 20 - 30 days for one cat, every 10 - 15 days for 2 cats, or every 7 - 10 days for 3 cats.

Scoop Free litter trays can be used by themselves as portable, disposable litter boxes. Scoop the waste under the waste trap flap or replace the tray when needed. Mix the litter daily to reduce odours.

See for yourself how easy it is and how it works 

System Includes

  • Litter box with rake and waste trap lid
  • UL-rated AC adaptor with 10-foot cord
  • Litter tray with cover and bag of premium blue crystal litter

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