Scruffs Quilted Thermal Dog Coat

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Treat your dog’s muscles to extra warmth when heading outdoors for early morning walkies, with the Scruff Quilted Thermal dog coat.

This coat’s softshell exterior, fleece collar and chest pad protects your dog from the elements like wind and rain, is super comfortable, fits like a charm and allows unrestricted movement too.

But what’s more – it also flaunts reflective technology lining, combined with a hollow fibre core to maximise this charismatic coat’s thermal properties as well.

Meaning this windbreaker is a trend-shaker, and not style- and movement-breaker.

  • Give your dog’s muscles with extra warmth when going on walks
  • Softshell exterior provides excellent protection against the elements (wind / rain)
  • Reflective technology lining with hollow fibre core maximises its thermal properties
  • Fleece collar and chest pad provide greater comfort, improved fitment and allow unrestricted movement
  • Machine washable
  • Available in 4 different sizes

The whole coat is machine washable at 30 degrees



please measure your dog from the bottom of their neck to the base of their tail.

XXXS  30cm 

XXS  36cm

XS 40cm

S 45cm

M 50cm

L 55cm

XL 60cm

XXL 65cm

XXXL 70cm

Shell: 94% polyester

6% spandex

Tricot: 100% polyester + Thermal tech

Microfleece: 100% polyester

Quilting: 100% polyester




30 cm

Border Terrier, Cavalier, Jack Russell, Scottie, Shih Tzu


36 cm

Beagle, Bichon, French Bulldog, Westie


40 cm

Miniature Bull Terrier, Cocker, Staffordshire Bull


45 cm

Bull Terrier, Cocker

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