Imarc Heart Metal ID Dog Tags - Small

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These stunning, small and heart-shaped Imarc ID metal tags are lightweight, anodized aluminum pet tags that provide an ideal surface for engraving along with neat and highly visible letters for added safety.

This durable pet ID tag is worth the buy and helps to insure that your pet’s identity isn’t lost when they are.

  • Small, heart-shaped, lightweight, anodized aluminum pet tag
  • This metal tag allows deep engraving for added safety along with neat and highly visible letters too

If your pet is on a special diet for a medical condition or is on a strict diet, we recommend getting a tag made and putting around your pet’s neck.

It could say “DO NOT FEED ME” or “ON A MEDICAL DIET” - this is particularly important when your pet has severe skin allergies and eating one meal / treat than their prescription food can cause a flare up. 

This is especially important in cats that roam around.
 25 mm at the widest part of heart tag

Stainless steel | Gold | Pink | Blue | Purple | Green

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