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Stress-Free Valerian Powder for Cats

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Planning on moving, visiting the vet, dropping your cat off at your local cattery or introducing a new four-legged member to your family?  Then the Stress-Free Valerian Powder for cats from Happy Cat is a must.

Available in easy to use sachets, to quickly sprinkle onto the ground, their blankets or scratch posts for efficient and fast stress relief – because this product is made of the HIGHEST grade Valerian root too.

All your fabulous feline has to do, is what they do best – sniff, rub, nibble and roll. 

  • Herbal product, great for cats affected by Valerian
  • Made from the highest grade of freshly ground Valerian root
  • In times of stress, use up to 3 times a day, can also be added to food
  • Helps cats cope with stress and ease stress-related issues the natural way
  • Ideal to enrich a cat’s environment and add an extra bit of happiness to their day too
  • Pack contains 5 small 2g sachets of Valerian powder

If your cat is pregnant, lactating, on medication or undergoing surgery, do consult your vet.

Signs of stress in cats: nervousness, aggression, hiding, urine spraying, overgrooming, poor appetite, ongoing digestive, skin or bladder problems. 

Times of stress for cats: visiting neighbourhood cats, moving home, vet visits, cattery stays, cat shows, new animals, renovations, multi-cat homes, ongoing illness.

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