The Cat Box Cat Bed

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All cat parents are well aware that our phenomenal felines see themselves as royalty. Why not provide them with royal furniture? The Cat Box Cat Bed looks stunning, is stunning and makes everything around it look stunning. With that stylish pillow and cosy wooden den feel - this product truly is a stunning hide out for any stunning cat to enjoy.

It is important to know that this cat bed with its unique wooden framework is locally manufactured from locally sourced Pine Ply Timber, meaning you’ll not only support your stunning cat’s needs, but stunning local products too. Now that’s what I call a stunning win-win!

  • Unique and stylish wooden framework (for that glamourous look and cosy feel)
  • Locally manufactured in Cape Town
  • Pine Ply timber is locally sourced
  • Comes with standard black and white pillow (design may vary)
  • Proudly made in South Africa


Bed Frame = 52 x 31 x 25 cm

Cushion = 47 x 21 cm

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