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Soothe your distressed cat during fireworks, trips to the vet and other stressful situations with the safe, drug-free and effective Thundershirt for cats. Designed to comfort our phenomenal felines by applying constant, yet gentle pressure to refocus their energy.

With an 80% success rate - the Thundershirt is highly recommended, has adjustable straps to fit any body shape, 100% stylish and is much cheaper than medication or replacing destroyed furniture. 

  • A great drug-free solution to combat fear and anxiety
  • Safe alternative to medications, it applies gentle yet constant pressure that causes no discomfort
  • Ideal to reduce fear during fireworks, thunderstorms, trips to the vet, and other stressful situations. Also potentially eliminates scratching, biting, and moaning mewing
  • No training needed
  • Adjustable fasteners for a comfortable fit
  • Independently studied & recommended by vets and other scientists 
  • With an 80% success rate, this is an easy to use and positive solution
  • Cheaper than training, medication or replacing destroyed furniture


Size Chest Size Cat Weight
Small 23 cm  to 33 cm < 4 kg
Medium 33 cm to 43 cm 4 – 6 kg


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