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We know how distressing it is to see our dog’s very obvious fear manifested by uncontrollable panting, whining, pacing (or worse) when there’s thunder around.

Enter the Thundershirt. We love that it’s a safe, drug free option that has an over 80% success rate to help ease dogs’ fear and anxiety. Easy to put on, it applies gentle, constant pressure (similar to swaddling a baby) that comforts and reassures dogs. Many dogs respond to the shirt the first time they wear it, but others may need to wear it a few times before you see great improvement and their fear subside.

TIP: Read the leaflet in the box as soon as you get the Thundershirt for tips on getting your dog used to wearing it while he’s calm.

  • Eases anxiety triggered by noises, separation, car or travel
  • Helps correct barking problems, lead pulling, excitability and more
  • Over 80% success rate reported by thousands of families, vets and trainers
  • No training needed
  • Drug free, safe, comfortable pressure with no adverse side effects
  • Much cheaper than training, medication or destroyed furniture
  • Made from a soft t-shirt like, durable and breathable fabric suitable for hot weather
  • Machine washable in cold water on a regular cycle
  • Independently studied & recommended by vets and other scientists
X Small 33 – 43 cm 3.5 – 6.5 kg
Small 43 – 53 cm 7 – 11 kg
Medium 53 – 64 cm 12 – 18 kg
Large 64 – 76 cm 19 – 29 kg
X Large 76 – 94 cm 30 – 50 kg

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