Indulge in an evening filled with popcorn, blankets, joy and inspiration, with these 10 non-animated pet movies. A list guaranteed to make you laugh and cry, and of course bring extra emotional warmth into your home this winter’s weekend.


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PLEASE do yourself a favour, and watch this heart-warming true movie. Based on James Bowen’s life and international best selling book, A street cat named Bob is a story about a homeless, recovering drug addict named James, whose life was changed when a stray ginger cat waltzed into his life.  A real story about real perseverance and friendship. With emotional ups and downs - this movie leaves one humbled and in awe.


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Busting out the classics - none other than the 1993 edition of the Incredible Journey. An American Bulldog, a Golden Retriever and a cat embark on a dangerous and gripping journey through the California wilderness to find their way home. A heart-rending must watch with superb pet dialogue.


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This is such an extraordinary film and true story - so have those tissues on standby as there won’t be a single dry, tear-free eye left in the room. A powerful movie about loyalty and love - a college professor forms a deep-rooted bond with a dog he finds on a train platform that lasted two lifetimes (literally). Hachi is a touching, soul-stirring favourite among many.


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Newlyweds John and Jenny start a new chapter in their lives and adopt a mischievous Golden Retriever puppy, named Marley. Marley never outgrows his misbehaving behaviour, and have supplied the couple with laughs, frustration and material for John’s newspaper column. As John and Jenny’s family expands, Marley has supported them through their trials and tribulations. The movie’s ending makes one reflect on the enormous impact our pets have had on our lives, and the unconditional love we’ve had for them.


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The narrator of the film talks about his life as a lonely 9-year old boy’s; whose life changed for the better the moment he got Skip for his birthday. Willie and Skip become inseparable companions. Willie’s bullies turned into friends, until a traumatic moment in the movie leads the audience on a discouraging path. However - like all feel good movies, it ends on a powerful note and is a true testament of the pawprints pets leave in our children’s hearts.


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After the tragic death of detective Scott Turner’s friend, he inherits a dog named Hootch. The havoc and household destruction gets in the way of detective Scott’s strict daily routine, making him reluctant to keep Hootch. However he soon realized that the curious canine can help him solve crimes, and the two become partners. With a heartbreaking twist, this film will awaken all kinds of emotions, and with a positive ending, this is absolutely worth the watch.


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Siblings Andi and Bruce find themselves moving to a new foster home that strictly forbids pets. They are in dire need to find a home for their dog named Friday. The industrious siblings soon discover a deserted building, and spruce it up into a pooch paradise for Friday AND a number of other strays. Inevitable barking make the neighbours suspicious, and the siblings endeavoured to hide their hotel for dogs. This movie is LOADS of fun to watch.


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I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Cats and Dogs is about the secret war between felines and canines, and their plot to take over the world. With exciting characters and exotic breeds, mixed with a variety of animal masterminds, there’s nothing not to love about this hysterical movie. Prepare for a night filled with uncontrolled laughter.


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Jock of the Bushveld is one of South Africa’s most famous stories - about a dog named Jock and his travels with his owner Sir Percy Fitzgerald in the late 1800’s. This EXTREMELY emotional and riveting true story about Jock’s unwavering loyalty and great spirit, remains a much loved book and movie in South African homes. If you haven’t seen it in years, treat yourself to a date with a legend and a legendary tale.


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A family adopts Beethoven, a naughty St.Bernard puppy, against their workaholic father’s wishes. Beethoven has a remarkable positive influence on the children’s lives, however the father feels neglected by his family, and envies the unconditional love and affection that Beethoven receives, until an unethical vet tries to steal Beethoven that is. The family tries to rescue their beloved best friend, and demonstrates the distance we’ll go for those we love.

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Animal lover and cat fanatic, Comine du Toit is a Freelance Copywriter at ePETstore in South Africa. She is a mom to a very energetic Sphynx, and the godmother to a clowder of cats, a kennel of dogs as well as a flock of geese. She's a firm believer that pets are family.
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