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SUITABLE FOR MID-SIZE / SMALLER PARROTS (like Budgies, Parakeets, Cockatiels, Parrotlets, Lovebirds, Conures, Quakers and Lories)

Feed your precious parrot this great-tasting meal made using a cold pressed process and 100% organic and non-GMO ingredients.

This diet is also free from peanuts, artificial colours, sweeteners, BHA, BHT and ethoxyquin. So feed your parrot these healthy and lekker pellets, to help them feel healthy and lekker. 

  • Suitable for mid-size / smaller parrots (like Budgies, Parakeets, Cockatiels, Parrotlets, Lovebirds, Conures, Quakers and Lories)
  • Great-tasting parrot pellets
  • Contains 100% organic and non-GMO ingredients
  • Made using a cold pressed (not extruded or baked) process, to help keep natural enzymes, vitamins and other nutrients at the highest levels possible. This process helps ensure your bird is receiving next level nutrition
  • Rosemary, lemon and orange peel, to name a few natural substances used to carefully preserve the nutrient rich content
  • NO peanuts, artificial colours, sweeteners, BHA, BHT or ethoxyquin used
  • Product of the USA

340G | 1KG


Organic alfalfa, organic hulled millet, organic barley, organic rice, organic sunflower seed hulled, organic sesame seeds unhulled, organic quinoa whole, organic pumpkin, organic buckwheat hulled, organic dandelion leaf powder, organic carrot powder, organic spinach leaf powder, organic purple dulse, kelp, organic rose hips powder, organic rose hips crushed, organic orange peel powder, organic lemon peel powder, organic rosemary whole leaf, organic cayenne ground, organic crushed red chili peppers, organic nettle leaf, cinnamon.

Crude Protein min 13.6%, Crude Fiber max 8%, Crude Oils and Fats min 5%, Moisture max 10.3%.

  1. Formulated to be fed as a complimentary diet.
  2. Feed as much as your bird will eat in a day, of course some days your birds will eat more than others. Please discard the remaining food and feed them fresh pellets at their next mealtime. 
  3. ALWAYS consult your avian veterinarian if you have any specific diet related concerns.
  4. Although an excellent source of protein, vitamins and minerals, TOPs believe that no pellet can provide 100% of your bird’s nutritional needs. So do be sure to offer them additional vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds.

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