Vigo Cat Scratcher

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Boy, do cats just love to scratch expensive upholstery. So give those costly chairs, beds, curtains carpets a break with the Vigo Cat Scratcher.
This cat scratcher-supreme helps provide them with an appropriate and super cool place to satisfy those scratching needs. 
It boasts a fabulous hanging feather to help keep them entertained, is infused catnip to help keep them interested and has a sensational seagrass surface for them to pick-axe those sharp little nails into.
Last but not least, it flaunts a strong and sturdy construction to help withstand the craziest of felines and play sessions too.

  • Made with 50% Seagrass (post) and 50% Textile (circular base) 
  • Strong and sturdy construction for added stability during enthusiastic play sessions
  • Boasts a feather hanging toy for added fun and litty entertainment
  • Infused with the finest catnip to help entice play and keep them interested
  • A great product to provide your cat with an appropriate place to sharpen their claws

30cm x 30cm x 45cm

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