WagaWhey Skin Treatment Formula for Dogs & Cats

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From being a natural anti-inflammatory, to helping wound healing, combating skin disorders and maintaining a healthy balance of your pet’s immune and gastro-intestinal system, Wagawhey sounds too good to be true. Word on the street is it really works!

If you’re looking for a natural, effective alternative to traditional skin support, Wagawhey could be just the ticket. A holistic, enzyme-activated whey product (derived from cheese), Wagawhey helps to reduce inflammation and itching while promoting skin and wound healing. 

It also acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, helping to restore blood circulation and promoting healing of ulceration in the stomach and intestines. This natural, enzyme-rich whey also rebalances and cleanses the intestinal tract, while getting rid of harmful toxins.

Easy to administer: simply mix the powder into your dog or cat’s drinking water or food, or mix with water and apply it directly on to areas of skin irritation or wounds. See detailed directions for use below.

  • 100% natural powder product, made from milk that’s GMO, pesticide and hormone free
  • Natural anti-inflammatory properties help heal skin wounds, irritations and abrasions
  • Given over the food to promote a balanced intestinal flora, heal intestinal ulcers and eliminate waste and toxins in the gut
  • A very tasty supplement that keeps tails wagging
  • Can be fed from puppyhood,once puppy is eating solid food
  • Mix in cold water and apply to skin or add directly to food or drinking water twice a day
  • 450g tub

Directions for use

For topical application to mild wounds, abrasions and skin irritation:

Mix 1 x scoop (10ml) Wagawhey with 100ml cool water (preferably spring water).

Apply the solution to the affected area using a clean cotton pad.

Allow it to dry, then reapply.

It can also be mixed up and sprayed onto a large area with a spray bottle

For gastrointestinal problems:

Mix with room temperature water (preferable spring water) and allow the animal to drink the solution.

Once mixed with water, it must be consumed or used within 2-3 hours.

The powder can also sprinkled over the food and should be given on an empty stomach:

 Small to medium dogs and cats < 20kg  2 scoops twice a day in 200ml water
 Large dogs 20-50kg  3 – 4 scoops twice a day in 200-300ml water
 Giant breed dogs > 50kg  4 – 5 scoops twice a day in 200-300ml water
 Pony  4 – 6 scoops twice a day (top dress over feed)
 Horse  6 – 8 scoops twice a day (top dress over feed)

Must be stored in a cool, dry place and lid must be sealed tightly.

Registration MCC Reg no 150775 (Veterinary Complementary Medicine)

Ingredients & nutrients per 100 g, edible portion

Nutritional Information

Food energy 353 kcal or 1476 kj, protein (N X 6.38) 12.68 g, total lipid (fat) 1.07 g, carbohydrate, total 74.46 g, FIbre 0 g, Ash 8.35 g



Calcium 796 mg, Iron 0.88 mg, Magnesium 176 mg, Phosphorus 932 mg, Potassium 2080 mg, Sodium 1.079 mg, Zinc 1.97 mg



Ascorbic acid 1.49 mg, thiamin 0.519, riboflavin 2.208 mg, niacin 1.258 mg, pantothenic acid 5.620, vitamin B6 0.584 mg, folacin 12 mg, vitamin A 10 RE, vitamin A UI 44



Saturated total 1.23, monosaturated 0.85 g, polyunsaturated 0.51 g, cholesterol 6/100 g mg, amino acids 12.33 g

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