WizerChews Sticks Dental Dogs Treats

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The NEW WizerChew Sticks (brought to you be the makers of WizerBone) has hit the market running! 

Let your dogs indulge in these rawhide free, 99% digestible, delicious dog dental sticks. It’s a much safer alternative to rawhide, made from REAL chicken and vegetable with all the dental benefits of rawhide - meaning you can have them chew, munch, chomp and swallow without worrying about choking or bloated tummies. 

What’s more - 9 out of 10 dogs prefer the WizerChews to traditional rawhide, so you can’t go wrong with this low-risk dog treats!

  • SAFE and nutritious
  • Promotes improved dental care and keeps their jaws stronger and breath fresher too
  • 99% Digestible & super-tasty, can be chewed and swallowed without the risk if bloating
  • Enriched with vitamins and minerals
  • 9 out of 10 dogs prefer WizerChews to traditional Rawhide
  • Made with REAL chicken and vegetable
  • Chewing provides stimulation and relieves anxiety

Small 9 – 10 cm (10pcs/bag)
Medium 15 – 16 cm (5pcs/bag)
Large 18 – 20 cm (3pcs/bag)

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