ZaKatz Cat Tunnel Cat Toy

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Spoil your cats with an adventure like no other! Introducing the wildly exciting ZaKatz Cat Tunnel cat toy.

It’s perfect for indoor / outdoor interactive play, to build exhilarating mazes and is also absolutely the perfect toy for hide and seek, cats who love to explore and great to get them physically active too.

This cat tunnel helps reduce boredom, flaunts crinkle material for added fun, a hanging ball for even more feline entertainment, is easy to build and easy to fold up for safe storage as well.


Connect with the ZAKATZ 3-WAY CAT CRINKLE TUNNEL to increase maze size and adventure level!


  • Great for interactive indoor / outdoor adventures
  • Helps keep your cat physically active and mentally intrigued
  • Made from strong, tear-resistant polyester and wrapped around a spring steel spiral with protective ends to tackle and tolerate different levels of zealous play and feline punishment
  • Added crinkle paper to make an enticing noise when your cat enters or jumps on the tunnel for added fun
  • Boasts a hanging ball near the centre hole for even  more feline entertainment
  • Loops and buttons allows for additional tunnels (e.g. ZaKatz 3-Way Cat Tunnel) to be connected
  • Can fold up in seconds for safe storage/ easy travel (just remember to keep the bag the tunnel arrived in)
  • Flaunts a stunning Leopard Print design

When used outdoors, it’s best not to leave your cat tunnel exposed to the sun for long periods of time, just to help protect the fabric and increase its lifespan.

135cm x 25cm (diameter)
2 holes of 20cm x 13cm on top (for your cats to jump into and out of)

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