Glitter Attachment for ZaKatz Wand Cat Toy

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Upgrade your ZAKATZ CAT WAND with the super sensational Glitter attachment.

Made from silver-green tinsel-like paper foil – it’s light, flexible, crackles, rustles, shines and swooshes through the air to keep your cat interested for hours and on their tippy-toes too.

  • A perfect to extension to your ZAKATZ CAT WAND – simply open up the clip, replace, close the clip and ta-da!
  • The glitter rustles, sparkles and reflect to attract their attention
  • Comes with a little bell attached to take playtime to a whole new level
  • Handmade, extremely light and flexible
  • Great for interactive play
  • Made from tinsel-like paper foil
  • Swoosh and swing it in the air for added fun

This cat toy is NOT indestructible. Don’t leave your cat unsupervised when playing with the Glitter cat toy.

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