Guinea Fowl Attachment for ZaKatz Wand Cat Toy

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If your ZAKATZ CAT WAND has seen better days, but your cat is not ready to part with those guinea fowl feather ways just yet, then simply replace it with the Guinea Fowl attachment.

It still boasts two curved guinea fowl feathers that rotate through the air like a bird AND make a flapping-bird-like movement and sound when doing so too – just like the original!

  • A perfect to replacement to your ZAKATZ CAT WAND – simply open up the clip, replace, close the clip and ta-da!
  • Boasts two, 100% natural and curved guinea fowl feathers, that rotates through the air like a bird
  • Makes a bird-like-sound (of flapping feathers) when rotating
  • Great for interactive play
  • Looks and feels like REAL prey
  • Safe and species-appropriate cat toy

This cat toy is NOT indestructible. Don’t leave your cat unsupervised when playing with the Guinea Fowl cat toy.


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