Dr Zoo Zinc-Free Natural Sunscreen for Pets

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Protect your pet’s skin from the harsh South African sun, with this natural and ZINC-FREE Sunscreen for dogs, cats and horses.

This is an especially stunning product to use if your pet has a light coloured nose, thin fur, no fur, or simply likes to sun themselves with their bellies exposed.

Specially formulated with Titanium Dioxide as an alternative to Zinc, since Zinc in a large quantity is toxic. This fragrant-free, paraben-free, paraffin oil free and safe to lick sunscreen boasts SPF 15 and is a must have.

  • SPF 15
  • Great product to help protect your dog, cat and horse’s skin from the sun
  • Stunning product for pets with light coloured noses and/or those with thin / missing fur
  • Zinc-free and fragrance-free, and contains NO chemical UV filters
  • Made from edible oils, meaning if your pet accidentally takes a quick lick before this cream is fully absorbed – you need not panic
  • Formulated with Titanium Dioxide to provide sun protection. It’s an alternative to Zinc, since Zinc in large quantities is toxic
  • Free from harsh and synthetic chemicals, Parabens, Benzoates and Paraffin Oil
  • Dr. Zoo is one of Australia's leading pet care ranges


Apply to the nose, ear tips, skin surrounding the lips, and any area where skin is exposed to the sun,
particularly pink skinned areas. 

Re-apply after swimming.


50 g





Oils alone tend to sit on the surface of the skin. Combining oils with water (using an emulsifier) helps the oils penetrate and moisturize the skin properly.

Titanium Dioxide

An alternative to Zinc which is toxic for pets when consumed in large amounts.

Dicaprylyl Carbonate (Emollient)

It spreads easily and leaves a velvety feel on skin without seeming greasy or slick. It also helps other ingredients penetrate the skin better.

Tochopherol (Natural Vitamin E)

Dr. Zoo uses the more expensive, Natural Vitamin E in their products. Vitamin E has antioxidants as well as free radical scavenger properties to promote healthy skin.

Coco-Caprylate (Coconut Derived Conditioner)

An organic, Coconut-based hair conditioner to help product the coat.

Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride

Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Glycerol Stearate (Emollient)

Acts as a lubricant on the skin's surface, which gives the skin a soft and smooth appearance.

Cetearyl Alcohol (Plant-Based Emulsifying Wax)

Typically used as an emulsifier, here it stabilizes and thickens the product without harshness

or heaviness.

Piroctone Olamine (Olamine Salt)

A non-irritating, anti-yeast ingredient with anti-bacterial skin properties.


Natural bittering agent from orange peel.

Aluminium Stearate (Emulsifier)

Acts as a water repelling agent.

Humulus Lupulus (Hops) Extract

Creams need to stay pure from bacteria. A natural and edible anti-bacterial preservative.

The team behind Dr. Zoo has a background in creating natural products for humans (MooGoo Skin Care), and with their expertise, they’ve decided to develop a natural range of skin care for our beloved pets. 


Pets share some of the same skin problems as humans, but their skin is a little bit different than ours. Dr. Zoo adjusted the pH to suit our pets’ skin perfectly, it’s also 100% natural and lickable.


Did you know that there is no regulation for pet products to list the ingredients used? Dr. Zoo’s team is passionate about letting pet owners know exactly which ingredients are in their products. 


That way, owners can research the ingredients themselves to make sure they are healthy for their pets.


Edible and lickable ingredients are used, because pets lick everything!


What goes onto your pet’s skin and coat can eventually get ingested, that’s why Dr. Zoo only uses ingredients with a high-safety rating when ingested by animals, and is Parabens or Benzoates free.



All Dr. Zoo products are made of natural ingredients. It’s obviously better to allow the product to penetrate the skin though, especially the balms such as the Irritable Skin Balm and the Crusty Nose, Itchy Toes Butter Balm


But back onto a natural note - you can reapply these products as many times as you want since, once again, they only use natural ingredients.



Absolutely! All Dr. Zoo products are perfect for them because the ingredients are edible and safe when licked, and of course won’t cause any irritation or allergy.

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