Wooden Cage Rack for Small Pets

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Upgrade your tiny tot’s home with this must-have cage accessory to benefit their dental to mental health.

Because the Wooden Cage Rack from Zolux is made from 100% natural wood that’s stupendous for gnawing to help keep them mentally entertained, emotionally content and those teeth trim and in-check.

  • Suitable for small pet cages
  • Advantageous accessories to own and place in their home
  • Provides mental, emotional and physical stimulation as it’s ideal to gnaw and climb to help keep those limbs moving and teeth trim
  • Made from 100% natural wood (a combination of beech, hard, dense wood to control dental growth, and Chinese pine, soft, blond and light wood)
  • Is non-toxic and harmless if swallowed, paint also complies with food standards

21cm x 15cm

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