Woodies 3D Carrot Toy For Small Pets

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Have your small pets go NOM NOM with this beyond awesome Woodies 3D Carrot Toy for small pets from Rosewood.

Simply slot the pieces together to make ONE BIG AND AWESOME CARROT for hamsters, rabbits and other small pets to play with and gnaw on. The nibbling is mentally stimulating and helps keep their teeth trim too.

Of course you can spice up the fun by even wedging pieces of vegetables in between the wooden slots to bust boredom in its tracks and turn up fun to level 100. 

  • Suitable for small pets such as rabbits, hamsters and other rodents
  • Great wooden toy for chewing, nibbling and gnawing
  • Perfect to help reduce boredom and keep the mentally stimulated
  • Spice up the fun by wedging pieces of fresh vegetables in between the wooden compartments
  • Helps keep their teeth trimmed and clean
  • Made from pet-safe materials

14 cm

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