Zenkoi All Season Koi Food 5KG Bucket

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Spring, summer, autumn or winter – Zenkoi All Season koi food has got your koi babies covered, because these wholesome and nutritionally balanced floating pellets are suitable for year-round feeding.

This delectable and low waste diet of course helps support their growth, colour and of course their health too, so your fin-tastic fin-children can look great, feel great and live lekker long lives too! 

  • Suitable for koi
  • Floating pellets
  • NO artificial colours and dyes added
  • Enriched with spirulina for vibrant colour
  • Jam-packed with beneficial vitamins and minerals
  • Nutritionally balanced and great for year-round feeding
  • Specially formulated to help strengthen the function of internal organs
  • Low waste due to high digestibility, thus helping to keep your pond cleaner for longer

5KG BUCKET – medium pellets
5KG BUCKET – mixed pellets
5KG BUCKET – large pellets

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