Beeztees Range Available Online

Let your dogs of all shapes and sizes enjoy this  large and super-duper comfortable R..
R1,509.38 Ex Tax: R1,312.50
This super-large and super-comfortable Rest Cushion dog bed is all the rage and a mus..
R1,509.38 Ex Tax: R1,312.50
Back in the day, our charismatic canines used to hunt for their food – just because ..
R301.88 Ex Tax: R262.50
The Sumo Mini Fit Bone dog toy is specially designed for puppies (and small dogs) to provi..
R161.00 Ex Tax: R140.00
Super bouncy and super tough great for your dog’s brain and body – introducing..
R150.94 Ex Tax: R131.25
The Sumo Play dog toy, made from durable rubber, will give power chewers a run for their m..
R150.94 Ex Tax: R131.25
Spruce up your bird's cage with this vibrant 5-Step Wooden Ladder from Beeztees. It..
R100.63 Ex Tax: R87.50
Spruce up your bird's cage with this exhilarating 7-Step Wooden Ladder with Colourful ..
R110.69 Ex Tax: R96.25
Upgrade outside time with this spectacular and uber fun black & white Action Football ..
R402.50 Ex Tax: R350.00
A minimalistic cage for your hamsters, mice and other tiny rodents.  The Alex Rode..
R1,257.81 Ex Tax: R1,093.75
Treat your ravishing rodents to an out--of-this-world experience and the Astro Rodent Cage..
R1,811.25 Ex Tax: R1,575.00
Treat your hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits to the bowl of their dreams, with these beyon..
R70.44 Ex Tax: R61.25
Treat your birds and their cage to a brand new bird toy, cage accessory and uber fun hangi..
R100.63 Ex Tax: R87.50
Provide your birds with beneficial minerals whilst they sharpen their beaks and trim their..
R50.31 Ex Tax: R43.75
Treat your tiny tots to the ultimate playstation, home and cage with the Fred Rodent Cage ..
R1,811.25 Ex Tax: R1,575.00
Provide your birds with calcium and several other beneficial minerals whilst they sharpen ..
R50.31 Ex Tax: R43.75
If your bird is in the market for a high-class home, then the Julia Bird Cage from Beeztee..
R1,308.13 Ex Tax: R1,137.50
The Lucie Bird Cage from Beeztees is a fully equipped and ready-to-use bird cage that flau..
R1,610.00 Ex Tax: R1,400.00
The Natalia Bird Cage from Beeztees is all the rage – with 3 landing perches for exq..
R1,207.50 Ex Tax: R1,050.00
Give your rat, hamster or other small pet a home that provides hours of fun and promotes a..
R1,106.88 Ex Tax: R962.50
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