Beviqui Travel Dog Drinking Bowl

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Beviqui is a stylish, innovative, portable drinking bowl providing fresh water for your pooch on the go. Fitting most water bottles, simply plug it in to the neck of the bottle, open the transparent cup, squeeze it and let your dog drink.

Lightweight, practical and hygienic. Keep it in your bag, hook it in to your belt while you walk or leave it in your car to have it ready for your travels together!

  • Fresh drinking water for your pooch on the go
  • Suitable for dogs of all sizes
  • Fits most standard water bottles i.e. Valpre-type bottles
  • Innovative & patented design
  • Stylish & modern
  • Light weight & durable
  • Hook it into your belt
  • Made in Italy
  • Weight - 25 gr
  • Dimensions – 8.5 x 13 x 5 cm
  • Bottle not included

How to use the Beviqui Portable Drinking Bowl

  1. Insert the plastic stopper into the neck of the bottle of water 
  2. Open the cup, tilt the bottle down and gently squeeze until some water comes out
  3. Once your dog has had enough, close the cap by bringing the cup up over the bottle until the lid clips into place
  4. The cap isn’t 100% water tight, so always keep the bottle upright when not in use

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