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Bravecto is an extremely effective pet tick and flea treatment that works incredibly fast, and kills 90 - 95% of ticks and fleas within 12 hours of administration! Available in four different treatments — two for dogs and two for cats — meaning your caring canines can choose between a highly-palatable chew or a super-duper and fast-acting spot-on treatment, whilst your fabulous felines get to choose between a spot-on tick & flea treatment or a spot-on tick, flea and deworming treatment! Now that’s pretty awesome! But the awesomeness does not stop there as Bravecto chews for dogs provide up to 12 weeks of continuous protection against ticks and fleas, the Bravecto spot-on treatment for dogs gives up to 4 months protection against ticks and 6 months protection against fleas, and BOTH Bravecto spot-on treatments for cats provide 3 months of protection against fleas and ticks too! This parasite preventative treatment is also super easy to use and the chews TASTES great (meaning there is no mess, no fuss, no ifs and no buts), as your dog is bound to gobble it straight up. For the spot-on treatment — simply twist to break the seal to apply and Bob’s your uncle. Cherry on top? This parasite preventative treatment is vet-recommended, and we all know vets know a great treatment when they see one. 

 Do fleas fall off after Bravecto?

Fleas begin to die rather quickly after your initial Bravecto administrations and the majority will be dead within 12 hours. 

How often should Bravecto be given?

Bravecto spot-on treatment can be administered all year round. Bravecto spot-on treatments for cats should be administered every 3 months and Bravecto spot-on treatment for dogs every 6 months. For full protection, don’t stop during those winter months.  

Can I touch my pet after applying Bravecto?

Avoid petting your pet for up to 48 hours in the spot where you have applied the spot-on treatment.

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