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Let your curious cat HUNT without the mess, and invest in this AWESOME Cat Puzzle from Nina Ottosson.

They can bat the pegs, and swivel the leaves to uncover the 16 hidden treat compartments, with treats in them we hope! This cat toy is mentally stimulating, thus it’s great to help reduce boredom and potential destructive behaviour too.

What’s more – you can adjust the difficulty of the puzzle to make it easier for beginners or more challenging for smarty cats, because not winning just sucks.

  • Suitable for cats of all shapes, ages and sizes
  • Flaunts 16 hidden treat compartments
  • You can adjust the difficulty to make it easier for beginners or more challenging for smarty cats
  • An absolutely GREAT toy for curious cats and to help reduce boredom
  • Made with food-safe and eco-friendly materials (made with a composite material, which is a mix of wood and plastic)
  • EASY TO CLEAN, simply remove all treats and hand wash with warm soapy water and rinse clean
  • Helps keep your cat entertained, thus reducing destructive behavior

Try hiding treat puzzles in different rooms, behind the sofa or behind a door. Cats usually play and eat when they want, not when you want. By “hiding” treat puzzles in different places, cats can play and hunt whenever it suits them - just the way they like it.

This is NOT a chew toy. Inspect regularly for damage and remove if broken, or if parts become separated, as serious injury may result.



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